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The Human Powered Drill

The Innovation

Working closely with Brigham Young University’s Engineering Department, our founder worked with their professors and students with uniquely specific requirements for a human-powered drill to access aquifers up to 250 feet below the earth’s surface, in order to bring clean drinking water to those in need, in remote regions of the world. After many attempts and trials as shown in the pictures below, a successful prototype of the human-powered Drill was completed.  

Development Stage

The Final Product

Flyer 7.jpg

The Human Powered Drill In Action

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 5.25.08 PM.png

This human-powered Drill can now be manufactured to be assembled on site, anywhere in the world. With this new technology, one of the world’s greatest humanitarian needs will be met!


We are currently focused on educating local drill teams, which puts local villagers to work. And, ultimately, we will implement our unique Perpetual Water Fund program, which will assist in funding as many wells as needed, while growing the local economy.


We believe this human-powered drill is the best conduit to fulfill the desires that so many people and organizations have in wanting to give back, and to help the poor and suffering in our world with one of life’s most essential needs—clean water. At Hearts and Hands for Humanity, we see ourselves as part of the solution to ease the burdens of those that suffer from scarce and contaminated water.

With great appreciation and recognition of the generous Vasayo Family 
We are pleased to unveil the very first Vasayo and Hearts and Hands for Humanity human-powered drill.

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