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We are Excited to Announce our new
Monthly Donation Program
This will provide the opportunity for everyone to participate in providing
life-saving water to the very needy in Eastern Africa.
With our monthly donation program, you can provide life-saving water for two people for as little as 

$10.00 per month / about $.33 per day
Your monthly donation will help cover the cost of establishing a life-saving clean water well and the semi-annual inspection and needed repairs. 

Be a Part of the Solution that Saves Lives

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We have some exciting gifts for signing up for a monthly donation

You Donate Monthly

All Monthly Donations

You Receive

Assortment of Stickers

Personal Water Bottle Sticker in Pink Blue Red Thin-lined Retro Style.jpg
Personal Water Bottle Sticker in Pastel Blue Pastel Pink White Thin-lined Retro Style.jpg
Brown Retro Thank You Sticker (1).jpg

Two People - $10.00 

5 Wristbands

Monthly Goal

Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 5.13.44 PM.png

Donate Monthly:

Three People - $15.00 


A Bag Made by Monica
Monica is a beautiful handicap girl at the Faraja Home for handicap kids. She makes these bags by hand.

Four People - $20.00 

Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 5.17.30 PM.png

H3 Hat

Five People - $25.00 

H3 T-shirt

Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 4.15.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 5.23.35 PM.png

Six People - $30.00 

H3 Water Bottle

Seven People - $35.00 

H3 Polo Shirt


8 to 10 People - $40 - $50 

H3 Backpack

Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 5.18.16 PM.png

 15 to 20 People - $75 - $100 

Safari Animal

Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 4.12.49 PM.png

The actual product you receive may vary depending on the items stock. 

Where Your Money will Go

Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 19.26.10.png


Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 19.26.38.png




Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 19.27.01.png


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