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Inspirational Stories

We have had so many amazing uplifting experiences during our time of service in Tanzania. This is what keeps us going when times get difficult, the experiences that touch our hearts and change our lives. We wish to share them with you so you can too experience the amazing spirit that accompanies these experiences. 

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Chankhanga Primary School
Malawi, Africa
Head Student Expresses Appreciation
Wato Primary School
Malawi, Africa
School Kids Singing Song of Appreciation

At one of our recent projects a gentleman approached us to express his gratitude for what we were doing for the school and their village community. He then shared with us something that was very personal to him. He shared with us that he had two sons and that one of them had died due to a water born disease. Not wanting to put his other son at risk he sent him off to school where they had clean safe water. He expressed that now that we were providing his school and village with clean healthy water that he would be able to bring his son home to live with him and attend the school there in their village.


July 2019

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