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Vasayo 100 Completed Wells Full Video

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With a child under the age of 5 dying every minute due to water-related disease in Africa alone, and the continent’s newborn baby population over the next 35 years projected at more than two billion, now is the time to act. 


Clean water can make all the difference, and together, we can make that difference for generations to come…not by one-time handouts, but by engaging those in need to help themselves. The solution is simple, yet powerful.


With your help, Hearts and Hands for Humanity provides clean water to communities in Africa. The result of our efforts is that lives are saved, improve overall health, increase access to food, grow local economies, and empower children to better their lives by spending more time in school.


Why Water Makes a Difference


Every minute, in Africa alone, a child under the age of 5 dies due to water-related disease. Hearts and Hands for Humanity provides clean water to communities in Africa.

Hearts and Hands for Humanity provides water to primary and secondary schools. We have found that providing clean water to schools can increase school attendance especially among young girls.


In Tanzania the responsibility to gather the water from at times up to a mile away from home, falls among the young girls. Strategically placing the clean water at the schools means the young girls will be going to school to collect the family water for the day. 


In Tanzania the schools typically cook lunch for the students. This picture is of the kitchen at the Magara Secondary School. Notice the water being used to cook with. This of course is prior to the clean water well that we provided for them. 

Hearts and Hands and a Human Powered Drill


Originally developed in cooperation with the Brigham Young University Engineering Department and our founder Verlyn Harris. 


This innovative drill is 100% human powered. This allows us to access villages not accessible to the large drill trucks. It also allows us to establish a complete active clean water well for a much lower cost. For only $7,500 we will complete a clean water well with an electric pump or a hand pump.

Magara Secondary School Well 006

635 Students

600 Villagers

1,235 Estimated people served

3°47'37.0"S 35°41'37.0"E

It is a tremendous honor and blessing to be involved in such an amazing cause. Literally saving lives by providing clean water to children and villages. 

Join us and change the lives of thousands of people in Tanzania and change your life as well.