Humanitarian Safari
A Trip of a Lifetime!!!

Join our Youth Group Tanzania Trip
Arrive in Tanzania May 28, and Depart June 6, 2022 
Things to do in Tanzania
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Drill a clean water well (Included)

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Hike Mt Kilimanjaro

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Go on an amazing Safari (Included)

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Visit The island of Zanzibar

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Extend your trip Into the Serengeti


Come meet Martha and help us celebrate the completion of her meeting hall and church supported by Vasayo Brand Partners

Be hands on with our well drill crew establishing a life saving clean water well. 

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Enjoy an Amazing Safari

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Past Humanitarian Safari Trips

Things to Look Forward to


Mt Kilimanjaro Hike & Humanitarian Safari 

Arrive in Tanzania June 19

Return Home July 6 2021

Vasayo Documentary & Humanitarian Safari 

Arrive in Tanzania May 17

Departing Tanzania May 25 2021

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Drill a clean water well

Go on an Amazing Safari