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 Humanitarian Safari
A Trip of a Lifetime!!!

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Hearts and Hands for Humanity Eastern Africa
September 2024
Trip Dates Arrive September 23, 2024
Depart October 2, 2024

Your flight dates may differ; we will arrange airport pickup and drop-off.

 Visit Mully in Kenya


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Drill a clean water well


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Hike Mt Kiliminjaro

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Go on an amazing Safari 


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Visit The Mully Children's Family

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Extend your trip Into the Serengeti

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Subject to change

DPR-US-10641214743 Hearts and Hands for  - Final

Be hands-on with our well drill crew establishing a life-saving clean water well. 

Come meet Martha and help us celebrate the completion of her meeting hall and church supported by Vasayo Brand Partners

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Enjoy an Amazing Safari

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Past Humanitarian Safari Trips

Mount Kilimanjaro
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