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Hostel in Maruvangu


This is a story that tears into my heart and yet it is factual. 

Maruvangu is a secondary school that has captured our heart. We have become close with Paul the Head School Master and his family. We began visiting and serving this village many years ago. It all began with the delivery of a full library for the school children to read from. 

We then in 2018 provided them with a clean water well that will benefit both the secondary and primary school. 

Early in 2018 it was brought to our attention by the school that two of the school girls show up to school pregnant. Alan later had the opportunity to meet with one of the district leaders and discuss our project with the water well and when she found out what school we were drilling at she shared more details surrounding the two pregnant girls. 

As Alan asked her to share more about how this issue came to be know she shared the story with Alan. According to the district leader these two girls showed up to school and got very sick. The district sent a doctor to the school to treat the girls. After hours of not being able to determine the illness they were suffering from someone finally asked, "has anyone done a pregnancy test?" Following the test they quickly realized that the two girls were in fact pregnant and experiencing morning sickness. 

We learned that the issue at the core of these two pregnancies was that the school did not have anywhere for the girls to live on campus and therefore the girls had to travel home and back to school daily. The long walks late in the evening and early in the morning placed these girls in harms way. Hearing about this tragedy in these two girls lives and with help and direction from our board member Brenda Angle we determined that we would build a hostel for these girls allowing them to remain at school during the week and only return home on the weekends when they could make the journey safely. 

We quickly blew through our original budget of $15,000 and ended up around $35,000 in construction costs. We received many donations but the greatest support for this hostel came from Howard Schmidt and Braemar Construction located in West Jordan Utah. Thank you so much to all of our donors. Your generosity will bless the lives of many thousands of young girls lives. Special thanks also to Felix for the amazing high quality construction of the hostel. 

Special Thanks to Howard Schmidt Family and Braemar Construction

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Howard and Felix onsite during construction of the foundation. 


Brenda and Felix onsite during construction of the foundation. 

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Triple Bunk Beds for the Girls

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