About Our Organization


Hearts and Hands for Humanity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit solution under the Midway Heritage Foundation


Founder and CEO: Verlyn G. Harris

President and Operations Manager: Stephen Wunder


Board of Trustees:

Verlyn G. Harris

Connie C. Harris

Trent Harris


Action Board:

Kimberly Oliver - Secretary

Donald Whitehead - Finance/Treasurer

Ellen Kowallis - Internet Technology

Aja Miles - Programs/Advertising

James Buchanan - Education Coordinator


Advisory Board:

Larry Large - Latin American Coordinator

Shelley Godfrey - Social Media

Connie Harris - Social Media

Kathleen Hughes - Education Coordinator

Mike Oliver - Education Coordinator

David Morris - Business Development

Michael Weilenmann - Business Development

Dr. Mohammad Raza - Medical Coordinator

Brock Harris - Asian/Chinese Liaison

Robert Simon - Engineering

Chip Maxfield - Engineering