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Drill a clean water well

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Nixon Strong Foundation Trip to Tanzania January 2022

Come Join the Nixon Strong Foundation and the Whatcott Family on a Trip to Tanzania

In February of 2018, Nixon Whatcott was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that produces immature bone. This necessitated surgery that would remove part of his femur (large leg bone) and rounds of chemotherapy. Although he would succumb to his cancer just prior to his eighth birthday, during his illness, Nixon wanted to help other kids who were also fighting cancer.

With the support of his family, the NixonStrong Foundation was set up to help families experience things like “travel” memories with their child and also have access to prosthetics. Nixon’s prosthetic leg had enabled him to continue playing the sports he loved so much, and he wanted other kids to have that same opportunity.

Help us honor this amazing young boy Nixon Whatcott as we complete a clean life saving water well in his honor and in his name. 

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Donations can be made for Nixon's well in Tanzania or to the Nixon Strong Foundation. You decide if you want your donated funds to go to bless the lives of children in Tanzania or to bless the lives of children here at home, it's your choice.

100% of the donations will go to complete Nixon's well or to The Nixon Strong Foundation. 

Reserve your place on the trip here as spots are limited. No deposit is required at registration. 
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Mt Kilimanjaro Hike & Humanitarian Safari 

Arrive in Tanzania June 19

Return Home July 6 2021


Vasayo Documentary & Humanitarian Safari 

Arrive in Tanzania May 17

Departing Tanzania May 25 2021

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Drill a clean water well

Go on an Amazing Safari