Hearts and Hands for Humanity in Partnership with NixonStrong Foundation 

The Nixon Whatcott Clean Water Well

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for the NixonStrong Foundation

In February of 2018, Nixon Whatcott was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that produces immature bone. This necessitated surgery that would remove part of his femur (large leg bone) and rounds of chemotherapy. Although he would succumb to his cancer just prior to his eighth birthday, during his illness, Nixon wanted to help other kids who were also fighting cancer.

With the support of his family, the NixonStrong Foundation was set up to help families experience things like “travel” memories with their child and also have access to prosthetics. Nixon’s prosthetic leg had enabled him to continue playing the sports he loved so much, and he wanted other kids to have that same opportunity.

In honor of this amazing young man, Hearts and Hands for Humanity is pleased to partner with the NixonStrong Foundation to provide a life-saving clean water well in Tanzania Africa. With the number one cause of death in African children 5 and younger being the consumption of contaminated water, this water well will literally SAVE LIVES! With a child dying every minute in Africa from contaminated water, this is a crisis worthy of our efforts.

We are also appreciative and pleased to announce that we have matching sponsors who will match all donations for the Nixon Well with a donation to the NixonStrong Foundation. A completed clean water well as pictured below cost $7,500. With every dollar donated toward the Nixon Well there will be a matching donation to the NixonStrong Foundation. This is a wonderful opportunity to leverage your donation to both life-changing and live-saving causes. It is our goal beyond the $7,500 to raise an additional $50,000 for the NixonStrong Foundation to provide needed support to children with cancer and their families. Help us reach this goal by donating now!!!

Our preferred method of donation is by check however you can also donate by credit card through our Facebook page by clicking on this link and then the "Donate" button


Checks can be mailed to: 

1878 West 12600 South #303

Riverton, Utah 84065. 

Thank you for your generous support.

Our most appreciated sponsors and Matching Donors