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Mothers Against Poverty (MAP)

Purpose of the Program

To provide eligible women the opportunity to become self-sufficient through entrepreneurial opportunities which include education, training, technical assistance, spiritual guidance & access to funding. To qualify for the program the woman must have at least one small child, or be a widow.  She will not have a man providing support for her or living in her house.    The Director of MAP decides if a mom fits the MAP program. 

Rationale for the Program

Women make up 70% of 2.5 billion people worldwide who live on less than $2 day. Unfortunately because of their poverty, these women are more vulnerable to forced labor, malnutrition, high maternal mortality rate, high infant mortality rate and violence. The greatest challenge facing these women is not a lack of motivation but a lack of access to financial education and financial services.

Advantages of the Program

Through the MAP project at Neema Village, women receive help, guidance, counseling, and financial services so that they can work their way out of poverty and provide income for themselves & their families. As a result, women can provide better nutrition and improved living conditions for their families and also pay for their children’s education. Through the MAP Project, the women will not only transform their lives but also the lives of their families, also positively impacting their community. “If hard work made you a millionaire, all African women would be millionaires.”


Outreach to Women in Maasai Villages

In addition to helping the local mothers and widows at Neema, the women who live out in rural Maasai villages are also welcome to come for a similar opportunity. They can come learn a trait such as sewing and we will guide them in becoming financially sustainable.

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This young mother was desperate when she escaped an abusive marriage and returned to live with her grandmother. In one small room, her sister and 2 brothers plus her three youngest children with the Bibi all lived together. The old Bibi had the only bed with a used thin foam mattress and Neema, the mother, slept on the concrete floor while her children slept on a thin piece of foam. The kitchen was in a corner with a few pans where she cooked with fire on the dirt floor. When Anna, our MAP Director, and Nicky and Abby Thomas volunteering from Australia, went to see her they could find no food in the house. They were told the mother didn’t eat so her children could. Neema Village through our MAP program will set her up in a small egg business so she can stay at home with her children. When you lift a woman from such poverty as this, you not only change her world, you change ours. Bless those of you who help with our MAP (Mothers Against Poverty) program.

Mary is 35 years old and has 4 children.  Her husband used to beat her and finally left the family taking everything except a foam mattress on the floor.  When Mary could not pay the rent she and the children became homeless.  She began walking the streets begging for a room where they could spend the night.  That is where Neema Village found her, in a borrowed room.  Some kind people tried to help her by giving her clothes but she could not carry them around all day so she would leave them on the road.  MAP Director Anna brought her to Neema and she is now in one of the MAP houses with 2 beds, stove, table and chairs, pots and pans and showers.  She will enter the Neema program for women and begin to take classes including the women’s rights classes that teach women they have the right not to be beaten.   Mary will open a vegetable stand and soon she will be able to support herself and her children,  You can help women like Mary by donating to the MAP program at Neema village.  A start up vegetable stand business cost about $350 which includes 6 months food and lodging while she gets the business going.

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Thank you for your donation. We welcome donations of any amount and view all donated funds as sacred funds. Your donation will bless the lives and literally save lives of children and their families in Eastern Africa.

Sponsor Your Own Well 

For Donating


Although a well is capable of serving many more we estimate each well will serve 2,500 kids and villagers

For this donation, you will receive a customized

plaque prepared with your requested information to

be mounted on your well.

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Sponsor a Partial Well

For Donating


or more and we will place your desired name or verbage on one of our multiple donor plaques and it will be mounted on one of our multiple donor wells. 

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Time to go Shopping!!!
Proceeds from our store will be applied to
the Gain the Edge Fundraiser

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Donate Using Venmo


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Other Ways to Donate

Other Ways to Donate

Please contact us in advance so that your charitable donation can be easily and accurately tracked and recorded for tax purposes.

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