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Jessicas Volleyball Tournament Water Well Fundraiser


 Our Goal is to Raise



 Our goal is to raise $10,000. The plaque for this well will have our team name on it as the donors. This "Donate" button is a special button just for our team and will track all of our donations. Please share this link with your family and friends to help our team reach our goal. 

 You can also mail a check to

Hearts and Hands for Humanity

1878 West 12600 South #303  

Riverton, Utah 84065

At one of our recent well projects for Vasayo a gentleman approached us at our drill site to express his appreciation for providing their school with clean water. He then shared with us that he had two sons but that one of them had died from a water born illness. To protect his other son he sent him far away from home to attend school where they had clean water. He was very excited to be able to bring his son home now that the school near his home would have clean water.