Hearts and Hands for Humanity Board of Directors

Founders - Verlyn and Connie Harris

Connie Harris;

Since my first visit to Africa about 14 years ago to hike Mount Kilimanjaro, my life has changed tremendously. Mingling with the wonderful people that live in various countries in Africa is, close to what I would call an addiction. The drill really opened up an important objective that we have had over the years of bringing water to the schools. We can now see that potentially escalating exponentially,being hooked up with wonderful people that we are!

Verlyn Harris

I was educated at Ricks College (now BYU Idaho) and BYU in Provo, Utah.  


I grew up in rural Idaho where I learned hard work from my father and mother, along with eight siblings. My father, who was a builder, and farmer, taught me how to build efficiently and effectively, and I have developed a great respect for the land on which our food is grown. 


I and my wife Connie have traveled extensively into the third world countries, more particularly Africa, where we have been engaged in humanitarian relief efforts for the past fourteen years.  


With this experience of the logistics and cultural knowledge of the people of Africa, we have developed a passion for helping advance these cultures.  As the founder of Hearts and Hands for Humanity, Inc., I have focused our goals to match our passion of helping the Africa people.


In 2011, we worked with BYU Engineering Department to help develop (a human powered water drill), there after with the assistance of greater minds the drill was manufactured, and with it we’ve created a productive impact in the lives of the small and large crop farmers of Africa by helping them grow commercial crops for their economic future, as well as clean water wells and with it we are electrifying, the rural African villages and schools.


My partners and I are presently taking this experience and business knowledge to another level, one that has the potential of affecting, for good, the lives of millions of people worldwide.  This is my second finest impacting achievement next to being a father and husband.   

President - Alan & Tish Jackson

Alan Jackson;

Tanzania holds a special place in my heart. From the moment I stepped off of the airplane on my very first visit to Tanzania I fell in love with the people. Very few moments in my life have touched my heart the way the children did at the schools where we drilled wells. Providing clean water for them has been a highlight of my life. I have been touched with how happy the kids and the people in general are with so little. Its humbling to see how happy they are with so little and yet I have so much and struggle to find happiness at times. Tanzania has changed my life and given me a new appreciation for the blessings I enjoy. My purpose in life it so give back to the African people for the life changing experience Tanzania has given me. Providing for others that which they cannot provide for themselves.

Board Members

Special Tribute to Board Member Dan Dimick

It is an honor and a pleasure knowing Dan and having him on our board of directors. Unfortunately shortly after returning home from our July 2017 trip to Africa where Dan played a critical role in restoring an old well and establishing a tank and filter system providing clean water for the Maruango Village, Dan was called home to be with our Heavenly Father. Dan will be greatly missed however we know he is still active on our board assisting us from the other side of the veil. 

We Love You Dan and
Will Miss You,
God Speed

Lynn Hall

I have traveled to many countries over the years but have always had the longing to go to Africa.  When I was introduced to Verlyn and Connie Harris and the Hearts and Hands for Humanity Organization it was very exciting to not only have the opportunity to go to a country I had always wanted to visit but to have an opportunity to do something to help some of the people in Africa have something that to us is so normal but to them is so hard to have.  That is simply fresh clean clear water to drink!   While I was in Africa to have the opportunity to be shoulder to shoulder with the people that you are there to help and to realize that they have very little in life but yet are just so happy and smiles come so easy to them.  We in this great country are so immensely blessed and don’t even realize how much we have of even the simple things in life.  As we worked on and were able to find a way to get an old well functioning and get a water system working in the Maruango Village  It is almost impossible to explain the feeling that I got from the people when we finished up and they knew that they had a good water source and how that not only changed their lives but the lives of their family members to come.  I am looking forward to many more trips to Africa to help provide fresh clean clear water to thousands of people.

Vaughn Henrie

Raised in southern Idaho on a small family farm without running water, Vaughn grew up with an appreciation for the value of clean drinking water.  An engineer by trade and having spent many hours by his father’s side drilling wells, he experienced a growing desire to help bring water to others.  In 2017, Lynn Hall introduced Vaughn to Hearts and Hands for Humanity and the possibility of traveling to Africa to help provide water and go on safari. The resulting adventure included developing wells and water systems for villagers in Miruangu and Magugu Tanzania followed by tours of three of the countries nature preserves.  This life changing experience provided a home for his desire to help humanity.

Youth Council Members

Sydnee Jackson

Kaeden Bailey

Miranda Bolick